The Only Teeth Whitening System Using The Power Of Photo-Dynamic Green Light


What is the Smartbleach® teeth whitening procedure / treatment?

Smartbleach® is a teeth-whitening procedure using a laser or Smartlite 3LT device to produce pure green light. It removes stains which cannot be removed by brushing or polishing.

How long does Smartbleach® teeth whitening take?

Usually about 45-50 minutes for Smartbleach 3LT treatments and 60-75 minutes for Smartbleach laser teeth whitening treatments.

How many treatments do I need?

A single treatment is all that is needed in the vast majority of patients. Certain special stains, for example antibiotic staining from childhood, may need two or even three treatments.

How long does it last?

Assuming you look after your teeth normally, experience in both Europe and Australia has shown that the benefits of Smartbleach® last for years.

Does it hurt?

No. Most patients feel nothing. Some patients report a tingling sensation during the treatment. No anaesthetic injections are needed and no needles are used.

Will my teeth be sensitive afterwards?

Some patients have mildly sensitive teeth for up to 24 hours after the treatment. Who does the treatment? A Smartbleach® approved dentist. These dentists have been specifically trained in the Smartbleach® laser technique.

How does Smartbleach® work?

The dentist applies patented Smartbleach® gel to your teeth. Pure green light is then shined onto the gel. There is a specific interaction between the Smartbleach® laser or 3LT light and the gel which whitens the teeth. This gel is exclusive to Smartbleach® and is the reason for the superior results.

Is Smartbleach® Teeth Whitening safe?

Yes. Smartbleach® treatment has been developed in Europe over the last fourteen years. Studies have shown there is no internal or external damage to treated teeth. Smartbleach does not heat the pulp of the tooth as other teeth whitening systems can so protects the teeth duriing the teeth whitening treatment.

Are my gums affected during the Teeth Whitening process?

No, the gums are protected with a covering during the treatment and will not be affected in any way.

Can Smartbleach® whiten a damaged tooth which has become dark?

Yes. Smartbleach® will whiten any natural tooth and can be used on individual teeth.

Does it work on false teeth?

No. Smartbleach® only whitens natural teeth.

What about veneers and fillings?

These are not affected by the treatment and remain the same colour. If they are visible they can be replaced.

Why is Smartbleach® better than other methods of teeth whitening?

Smartbleach® is more effective and longer lasting than any other method of whitening natural teeth. Comparisons with other methods at two Universities in Europe have shown Smartbleach® to give the best results.

What do I have to do Have A Smartbleach Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Have a free consultation with a Smartbleach® approved dentist. This consultation is entirely without obligation. The dentist can tell you if your teeth are suitable and show you the result you can be likely to expect. If you decide you want to proceed you can schedule a time for the treatment. Click here for teeth whitening dentists where you can have a Smartbleach treatment.


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The New Smartbleach® 3LT


Smartlight 3lt teeth whitening equipmentSmartbleach® continues its proven teeth whitening performance with the release of the Smartbleach® 3LT.


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